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Ottawa Winter Tires

Ottawa's Winter Tire Headquarters
OTTAWA WINTER TIRES Goldwing Autocare is Ottawa’s leading specialist in winter tires. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you determine the correct winter tire for your vehicle and your winter driving needs. Keeping in mind that selecting the correct winter tires is paramount to you and your family’s safety. Winter tires are often the most overlooked safety feature on any vehicle. Ironically, they are the only part of the vehicle that touches the road! It used to be that winter tires were only different from summer tires or all season tires because they had a different tread. This is no longer the case. Winter tires are now made from completely different rubber compounds that are designed to be more effective when it comes to snow and ice traction. The specialized rubber compound is designed to stay pliable in our cold Canadian winters. The tread now has ice-biting sipes to grip icy roads and water channels to expel away water and slush. Today, people still refer to winter tires as “snow tires” but although winter tires are amazing in the snow, they now also perform extremely well in the freezing rain and ice that also exists during the winter season. This is why we recommend tha [...]

2014 Porsche Boxster Type S Convertible

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A roadster is not simply a car. The Boxster is not simply a roadster. It’s a sports car that brings you closer to the road, closer to real life and connects you with your own free spirit. The precise, lightweight chassis ensures an impressively dynamic drive, with practically no body roll or pitch. Or, in short, a safer and more comfortable drive. Power is transmitted to the road by 18-inch Boxster wheels. Their distinctive five-spoke design affords an unobstructed glimpse of the braking system’s black four-piston aluminium monobloc fixed calipers. And you can keep an eye on the pressure in all four tyres thanks to tire pressure monitoring (TPM). The large air inlets illustrate character. The sound produced by the central tailpipe in brushed stainless steel is unmistakably Porsche. High-quality, stylish materials are used in the interior. The steering wheel rim, gear lever/selector and door pull inlays are finished in leather. The refined tone is [...]
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