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Ottawa New Car Services

Where Ottawa's New Cars Go First

Congratulations! You just signed the papers for a brand-new car from one of the many dealerships here in Ottawa. So what now? Well, before you take delivery of your new vehicle there are some products and services we offer that may interest you.

Maybe you've been introduced to some of them in the dealer's finance office, maybe not. But by going through us for these products and services you can save money and time by getting everything you want done, all in one place. We've been catering specifically to new cars in Ottawa for more than 20 years and know exactly what you need. Below we have compiled a short-list of the most popular items new vehicle owners come see us for.


Since 1994, Goldwing Autocare has developed a rich history in Ottawa helping new vehicle owners make informed decisions.


At Goldwing, we've outfitted our shop with the latest equipment to ensure a flawless service, every time.


No matter what yo [...]

5 Reasons Ottawa’s Cars Should Use Paint Protection Film

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 XPEL Paint Protection Specialists
XPEL's clear paint protection film covers the exterior of Ottawa's vehicles and protects them from scratches, stains and chipping. It protects your investment, saving you the time and trouble of repainting or repairing your vehicle’s exterior after minor abrasions. Here are a few reasons why you should contact an experienced XPEL clear bra professional to install paint protection film on your vehicle.In a place where you can expect unexpected weather in the Spring, Ottawa is a city full of road hazards. From potholes to construction debris our vehicles' paint takes a beating every time we take them out for a spin. We've compiled a short list of reasons why we believe it's advisable to have paint protection film installed onto your car in Ottawa. Paint Protection Film Protects Your Vehicles Exterior from Rock Chips, Scratches And Other Debris Frequent and even light driving on Ottawa roads subjects your car to road debris, rocks, and other things that seem to be magnetically pulled to the front of your vehicle causing unavoidable rock chips and scratches. Unless you have paint protection film installed on your vehicle you will undoubtedly begin to see the damage to your vehicle. Protecting your vehicle from damage with paint prot [...]
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