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2017 Forgeline Wheel Catalog

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Forgeline Wheel Dealer
2017 FORGELINE WHEEL CATALOG Below you can find all the new wheels and styles of the Forgeline wheel series. All of these rims are forged and come in monoblock all the way up to three piece. You can get any wheel you like below ordered for you and installed at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa. CONTACT US

Goldwing Autocare 48 Colonnade Road, Ottawa 613 727-7000

Ottawa Rust & Corrosion Protection

Ottawa's Diamond Kote Rust Protection Modules

The Diamond Kote Corrosion Protection Unit (C.P.U.) is a revolutionary wireless automotive corrosion protection device that uses the vehicle’s electronic diagnostic system to protect your investment. The C.P.U detects and protects all weak spots on a vehicle’s metal body and vehicle from within reaching every metal component, so nothing gets missed.

How does it work? The unit plugs directly into the vehicle’s OBDii Port. When the reactive wireless unit is installed it immediately connects to the vehicle’s computer brain and electrical system to safely utilize the vehicle’s power system to deliver electronically controlled ultra-low voltage to the entire metal structure of the vehicle. The unit monitors the flow of free electrons in the metal and provides the right amount of current to stabilize the electrochemical corrosion process in metal.

The ground breaking Diamond Kote C.P.U. will provide you will the peace of mind that the structural integrity and safety of your vehicle is being safeguarded by the very best in automotive technology. At Goldwing, all o [...]

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