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2017 Season Closing BBQ Car Meet

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2017 Season Closing BBQ Car Meet

Over the weekend we welcomed The Greasy Fix to host their season closer car meet for 2017 in our back parking lot. Although planning time was short, both teams pulled off an incredible little event. Enticed with free food and a $200 raffle, cars from near and far came to enjoy the meet; one crew came all the way out from Montreal to join in the fun! Thanks again to all of the car spotters and photographers that stopped by.

Below we've cataloged some of the coverage from the meet from some of Ottawa's finest automotive photographers. @THEGREASYFIX The Greasy Fix is a community of Enthusiasts, Artists, Engineers, and Techs. Their passion is more than just an obsession, it's a lifestyle. They've uploaded their coverage here. @MOUNTMEDIAFILMS Mount Media is an Ottawa-based car related page and YouTube channel, covering meets and events all around [...]

Ottawa 2017 Winter Tire Rebates

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's #1 Winter Tire Dealer
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OTTAWA 2017 WINTER TIRE REBATES Below you can find all the 2017 Winter tire rebates arranged by brand. At Goldwing, we carry all top brands of Winter tires in Ottawa and have the experience to install them on all types of cars. You can get any Winter tire you like below ordered for you and installed at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa. OTTAWA YOKOHAMA WINTER TIRE REBATES

Yokohama is a world leader in high quality, long lasting, high performing tires. A set of Yokohama tires equips a vehicle with the latest developments in technology, enhances a driver’s control over their vehicle and provides excellent active safety and driving satisfaction.


Michelin is one of the most recognizable tire brands in the world, and one of the two largest. Michelin has been awarded over thirty times for their outstanding customer service so you know that when you buy Michelin tires, you’re getting some of the best tires available.


2017 OZ Racing Wheel Catalog

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's OZ Racing Wheel Dealer
2017 OZ RACING WHEEL CATALOG Below you can find all the new wheels and styles of the OZ Racing wheel series. All of these rims are forged or flow-formed. You can get any wheel you like below ordered for you and installed at Goldwing Autocare in Ottawa. CONTACT US

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