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Tinting Your Windows In The Winter

Goldwing Autocare - Ottawa's Winter Window Tinters
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The phones are a little quieter this month as it's our slow season, but every once in awhile when it rings, a popular question we're getting from our customer is: "Can you tint my windows even though it's Winter?" We get this question from our customers in Ottawa a lot throughout the Winter months. It's the middle of winter right now and the temperature is well below -15 °C on a good day. Maybe you just got some Christmas money and you can now afford window tinting or maybe you just bought a new car and are thinking about getting some privacy or protection from the sun's UV heat. Most window tinters cannot accommodate tinting windows in the Winter. Window tint film is extremely temperature sensitive, even a few degrees below room temperature makes installation more difficult and can result in a poor quality tint job. The truth is, you can definitely get your windows tinted in the Winter at Goldwing Autocare. In fact, we tint more than 5 cars a day this time a year. It's the slow season for this type of service but it's still requested and still gets done. The window tinting facilities at our shop in Ottawa have been designed with Winter in mind. We have heated, sanitary window tint installation bays to facilit [...]

Winter Tire Minus Sizing

Minus Sizing Wheels And Tires For The Winter Season
What Is Minus Sizing For Winter Tires?

OE (Original Equipment) wheel and tire sizes have become larger and wider for sharper aesthetics and increased performance over the past few years. Unfortunately, these aesthetic and performance-based packages are not ideal for winter driving and can make the purchase of winter tires an expensive endeavor. So if you’re likely to drive your vehicle in the snow during the winter in Ottawa this year, you’ll want winter tires and wheels in sizes that help grip in deep snow conditions and cost less.

Minus sizing means using smaller wheels with narrower, higher profile tires. By doing so, tires are better able to grip in deep snow conditions. In addition, higher profile tire sizes feature taller sidewalls and smaller diameter wheels that resist damages associated with winter road hazards. The cost of minus sized winter wheel and tire packages are usually lower than a package in your vehicle’s OE wheel and tire sizing.

Example Of [...]

A customer visited our Ottawa-based shop last week and was inquiring about paint protection film for his new Audi S5. He wanted to protect his new car’s front end from the typical road hazards you come across whilst driving in and around Ottawa. After doing some research online his purchase decision came down to two distinctly different, but similar products, Xpel paint protection and 3M Clearshield. “What was the difference?” he asked.

This is where we chimed in. With years of experience with both Xpel paint protection film and 3M clearshield, we opted to exclusively use Xpel paint protection films for our paint protection installation services for a number of reasons.


Ease Of Installation

Xpel’s line of paint protection films have superior pliability and tackability compared to other clearshield films that allow trained installers greater control when applying the clearshield to the body panels of a vehicle.


Optical Clarity

Xpel is the only clearshield [...]

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